Improve your quality of life

If you feel that there is something holding you back from achieving a happy and fulfilled life then I may be able to help you. Although we all like to think we are in control the fact is that we are largely governed by thought processes that go on behind the scenes, in our ‘unconscious’. This often stems from the ‘programming’ we received whilst we were growing up.

The aim of counselling is to empower you to overcome whatever is holding you back and this usually means dealing with the unconscious mind. There are a range of counselling techniques that use different approaches to dealing with the unconscious from psychodynamic counselling, which addresses the whole person and deep seated issues, to techniques aimed at resolving single issues in a few sessions, such as NLP and CBT.

I am trained in psychodynamic counselling and NLP and can offer a flexible approach that I can adjust to meet your particular needs at this time. If you think you may be interested in what I have to offer then please contact me for an informal chat.